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Want to Schedule a Training Class? 

- Three Options 

1. Call Us @ (317) 352-1270
2. Email Us @ 
3. Click 'contact' and fill out the documentation 




Please Provide: 

- Name of Person(s) who will attend class. 

- Name of Training Course and Date you wish for person(s) to attend class. 

- Company Associated with Person (you don't have to provide this if you are an individual accounting for yourself) 

- Phone Number 

- Email Address 

- Mailing Address [Optional: for those who want certificate(s) mailed; Mandatory for Companies] 

- If taking a refresher class:
1. Last year certificate 

2. If you do not have previous certificate we charge $5 for cert. look up if you came to our training school previously

3. You can also bring your previous certificate  this on class day 





- Zelle:

Credit Cards: 

- Call Office


**You can pay in cash, check, or money order  before or upon first day of class** 

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