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What is ESAI? 

Environmental Safety Assurance Institute, better known as ESAI, is a training school dedicated to providing you with quality asbestos training in Indianapolis, IN. We cover how these laws and regulations apply and impact your facilities, industry, and safety in the work place as environmental and safety professionals.   

The Vision.

ESAI vision is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to reduce the risk of injury while performing work tasks and to meet

regulatory requirements.




Anyone who handles, supervises, designs, or contracts projects involving asbestos is required to maintain an EPA-mandated certification and must re-certify


In-Person Training: Quality & Approval 


Our facility is based in Indianapolis, IN. However, we do travel to West Harrison, IN (the outskirts of Cincinnati, OH) once a month for our Asbestos Spanish Worker course and Supervisor Refresher course. 

In addition to Indiana, there are over 40 states that follow the EPA Model Accredited Plan, we are an EPA approved vendor. So our certificates are accepted in more than over 40 states!

We are Accredited by the Indiana Department of Environmental Manager (IDEM) and Illinois Department of Public Health.  

- Our classes are licensed by both federal and state environmental agencies. 


We offer asbestos worker training classes and asbestos awareness classes in Spanish and English. 

 **We value Hands-On Training**

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